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... long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away ...

err, wait a minute -- that's the wrong intro.

... back, way back, stretching to the dawn of time, there always had been tales and rumors of a secret cult existing in Parthoris. Before a recorded history was kept, verbal tales were told from father to son, and carried by wandering bards from town to village.

No one could really agree on what, or who, the Illuminati was. All that abounded was rumour. Some said that they existed only in myth, told in tall tales to scare children. Others swore to their real, if not mysterious, existence. Some attributed all unexplained things to the Illuminati. Some rumors held that the mysterious patterns found in the crop fields of some farmers were a "sign" from "them". Others attributed plagues, droughts, and swarms to "them". This cult was also rumoured to secretly have controlling interests in the Courts of all the rulers of Parthoris. Yet others said the secretive members of this cult could wield unknown and powerful magicks, and could tap into the very energy fields of the known world, and harness this to travel "beyond".

In fact, the latest rumour to sweep through the lands, among the few survivors of the Demon Plague, is that D'sparil and his minions were but puppets and tools, controlled by the ever-secretive Illuminati.

Myth, or more? No one has really been able to say. And what of the tales of dimensional, other-worldly travel? Hard to say. However, for the possible edification or confusion of the reader, we will present to you a couple of links, from this world.

Our own Merriam Webster Dictionary has this to say:

Main Entry: il·lu·mi·na·ti
Pronunciation: i-"lü-m&-'nä-tE
Function: noun plural
Etymology: Italian & New Latin; Italian, from New Latin, from Latin, plural of illuminatus
Date: 1599
1 capitalized : any of various groups claiming special religious enlightenment
2 : persons who are or who claim to be unusually enlightened

And here, you will find "The Illuminati Outline of History", a rather impressive compendium. (These were originally links to the impropaganda.com site, but that site has now gone down, so I was forced to mirror them locally.) Alas, poor Yorick ...

Part I: Dawn of Time to 1000 C.E.
Part II: 1000 C.E. to 1776 C.E.
Part III: 1776 C.E. to 1920 C.E.
Part IV: 1920 C.E. to 1950 C.E.
Part V: 1950 C.E. to 1973 C.E.

Yeah, C'mon...

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