Aries Computer Solutions provides a paging service. It is primarily for emergency response when a network or critical system has gone down. Clients with service or support contracts may also utilize this service.

If you have a service or support contract, you will be given the direct pager number to call for emergency response. If you do not have a contract, simply place a call to our office, and speak to one of our staff members.

Office telephone: 678.561.4748

If it is a 911-Action item that requires immediate attention, let the staff member know. A technician will be paged, and will respond immediately.

Service & Support contracts are provided with after-hours pager support.

If you do not have a contract and are calling after-hours, leave a message stating that you require emergency response. Messages are polled at intervals after-hours, and you will be contacted by a technician as soon as your message is received.

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